Participant information for Arctic Trail



Friday 23rd September

13-16 Race office open in Outdoor Expert Saariselkä (Lutontie 3)

Saturday 24th September

8 Race office open in the event venue (Santa's Hotel Tunturi)
10 Start, all distances
12-18 Lunch in Santa's Hotel Tunturi

Race information

Race center

Race center is located in Santa's Hotel Tunturi, address Lutontie 3 99830 Saariselkä.

Race office

On Friday 23rd September 1pm - 4pm in Outdoor Expert Saariselkä office, address Lutontie 3 99830 Saariselkä
On Saturday 24th September from 8am in the race center

Service points

We serve Purepower sports drink, water, and small snacks on the service points. It is possible to have your own drinks and equipment taken to the service points. They need to be in the finishing area before the start. Mark your equipment well!


Lunch is served in Restaurant Pirtti, in Santa's Hotel Tunturi starting from 12.00.


3 best in each class will be awarded. Follow the announcements in the race area about the schedule.


We recommend having suitable clothes, enough of energy and drinks, first aid kit, and a loaded mobile phone with you.

Trail marking

The trails are marked with arrow signs and white marking tape. Areas with crossing trails are marked carefully, trails with no crossings doesn't have continuous marking.


It is absolutely not allowed to leave any litter in the terrain. It is possible to leave litter in the service points.

Every participant is obliged to help a fellow participant in emergency. In case you need to stop and help an injured participant, we will compensate the time you use.

The 50km trail crosses a reindeer fence in Luulampi after approx. 40km. There is a gate in the fence and every participant must look after that the gate will be closed behind one. If you come to the fence alone, make sure to close the gate - even if you see another participant coming behind you. It is only fair that every participant/group opens and closes the gate. If you come to the fence in a group, the entire group must wait so that the last participant closes the gate.

Every participant is obliged to follow the trail markings at all times.

If you quit the race, inform about it by SMS/WhatsApp to +358 45 78353213.

The organizer has right to give time penalties to participants who fail to follow the rules.


YLE (Finnish television) is filming a science documentary about endurance sport during the Arctic Trail event. The document follows the main character who runs through the 50km race. As Arctic Trail is a mass event, it is likely that also other participants are visible it the pictures even though they are not main targets of the documentary. If you wish not to be seen in the pictures, please let us know, so that we can do our best to exclude you from the pictures.