Arctic Trail Run participant information


Event venue

The event venue is located in Santa's Hotel Tunturi (Lutontie 3).

Race office

The race office is located in Restaurant Lutto, in Santa's Hotel Tunturi. The race office is open as follows:

Friday 22nd September at 2pm - 6pm
Saturday 23rd September at 7am - 9am

Toilet, shower, sauna

The toilets, showers, and saunas is located in Santa's Hotel Tunturi. The saunas will be warm at 3pm - 9pm.


All classes start at the same time at 9am.

Service stations

We offer Purepower sports drink, water, chololate, potato chips, and bananas at the service points. We also transfer participants' own drop bags to the service points. If you want to have a drop bag at the service point, mark it well and bring it to the race office latest one hour before the start.

First aid

First aid is available at the service points and in the finishing area.
If you need to be transferred from the terrain, call +358505858008. In life threatening situations, call 112.

If you quit the race, inform the race office by message to +3584578353213.


We recommend participants to have suitable clothing, energy and drinks, loaded phone, and first aid kit.


The dinner is served in Santa's Hotel Tunturi at 12am - 6pm. It is possible to buy extra tickets for family and support with a price of 20€/adult or 10€/child under 12y.


If you still haven't booked accommodation for the event, you get a discounted price from the webshop of Santa's Hotel Tunturi with a code PROOUTDOOR.

Late registration

The registration system is open until 18th September 2023. Even after that it is possible to register by email or in the race office.