Inari Epic 30km

Trail describtion


The trail starts from Juutuanvaara sports center. The first two kilometers of the trails runs along the wide outdoor trails / ski trails of Juutuanvaara.


After 2km the route turns away from the wide trails to the forest trails. The route continues on a double trail. The first 3,5km of the trails are climbing. After the highest point of the first climb there is a 0,5km long fast but not very technical descent. Be aware of the loose stones!


The following 6km runs along forest roads. First two kilometers are more or less uphill and the following 4km are downhill and flat.

10-14km Taimenjärvi Good Times

After the forest roads, the route becomes narrower again. Now on a double trail, the route starts climbing up to the lake lands. On the shore of lake Keski-Taimenjärvi the trails becomes a narrow single trail. This place is miraculous and it is known as Keski-Taimenjärvi beach boulevard. After Keski-Taimenjärvi, the trail climbs up to the ridge between the two lakes. The descent to lake Saari-Taimenjärvi and the shore of the lake are the first more technical sections on the route.


The following 3km are mostly downhill on mostly easy but partly technical trails. Enjoy the flowy trails and be careful on the rocks. At the end of this section you will find yourself on the first service point.


This sections runs next to a tarmac road on a technically easy but slow and bumpy trail. After two kilometers the route turns to a smoother gravel road.


From the gravel road the route turns to a double trail climb which is tough but not technical. Halfway up the climb the double track becomes a forest road. After the highest point, there are some smaller ups and downs before the route turns again to a narrow and slow uphill up to Välivaara and then downwards on a fast forest road.


The final climb is only a bit more than 1km long. But it is narrow, slow and steep. And if the weather is suitable, there are millions of blackflies there.. From the top of Juutuanvaara, you'll have 3km of downhill left; some trails and some roads.